Six Days Crazy Job Bulgaria August TBA.

location: Kazanlak (near Stara Zagora). 

Nearby airports: Sofia (capital) 2.4h drive or Burgas approx 2.2h drive

Riding classes: PRO, EXPERT, STANDARD

Number of days riding: 56dcj

Six Days Crazy Job is without any doubt our favourite race in Bulgaria. It has the perfect mixture for any enduro adventure race. 4 offroad days of pure madness! Testing your riding and navigation skills to its limits. No race licence needed here… Just show up, pay your 400 euro entry, hand over your gps, grab some race numbers and a beer, then chill out. No b.s scrutineering in this part of europe, just how i like it.

Day 1 prologue with around 20 kms (marked track on prologue) through single trails and big open gravel roads up to the top of the mountain to finish in Buzludja under the old UFO from the former Communist party in Bulgaria. An impressive bit of abandoned architecture sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Now the real party starts. Getting lost in the Bulgarian mountains with next to no tack markings for the next 4 days, you need to navigate completely with the gps while trying to race at somewhat a decent speed.

Not too many km’s each day but still enough to make you feel like you did something with the average ride time of 4 and a half hours for the faster guys. With around 90 km each day plus 20 km liaison back to the hotel.

What a relaxed atmosphere this race has, with each off road day starting at 9am and a cold beer in hand by 3pm at the pool, hanging out with old mates and new….aaahhhhhhh that’s my kinda race!!!


The pro class is for the most part like silver class at RBR but with shorter days with 1 or 2 hard enduro sections, anyone who has finished silver class should be able to handle it with a little bit of pushing here and there.

Expert class would be much the same as bronze at RBR and Standard class is like Iron just less km’s per day.

So if you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous than the same old enduro tour but don’t feel like going to war with yourself at RBR, this race might be just what you’re looking for!!!

Thanks to all the champions at Crazy Job.

All our rental bikes are Ready to Race! Used bikes are maintained with only oem KTM parts to keep them running at 100% we can guarantee you that!

RENTAL BIKES 6 Days Crazy Job 19 :

  •  2021 KTM 300 TPI EXC
  • 6days Crazy Job rental price €1500
  • 2017 KTM 350 EXC
  • 6days Crazy Job rental price € 1300

All our bikes are set up for extreme enduro and include the following parts

  • Front mousse , Rear mousse (1 set)
  • Hand Handguards alloy wrap around or flags
  • Skid plate with pipe protector for 2t
  • original fan
  • aluminum radiator guards
  • front and rear grab strap

We have a van equipped with spare parts / tools and can help with bike set up if required before and during the event.

  • broken plastics and other damages to the bike charged separately

500 euro damage deposit to be paid on arrival at event location in cash. Which is fully refundable if no major damage is found. Scratches are fine but broken plastics, headlights, leavers, etc and other damages to the bike charged separately to your account.

Race Entry Fee: approximately 400 euro to be paid in cash at the sign on desk at the hotel lobby

Race entry covers:

  • 5 Days Riding plus 1 day off.
  • Formal dinner on the “Day Off”
  • Transport of your fuel can to the service break
  • basic lunch pack which consist of a sandwich
  • Water at the service break.
  • T-shirt

Other Costs to consider:

  • The Main Race Hotel Zornica costs about 40 euro per night bed & breakfast for a twin room. So sharing for 8 nights will cost around 160 euro.
  • Dinner each night but it’s quite cheap.
  • Fuel each day for your bike
  • Beer money
  • Contact us today for any more information or booking.