Romaniacs July 27-31
Location: Sibiu Romania
Nearby airports: Sibiu airport 10min drive or Bucuresti (capital) 4h drive
Riding class: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Atom
Number of days riding: 5 

Red Bull Romaniacs is our favourite race. 5 days of pure madness through the carpathian mountains, testing man and machine to its limits!

With 10 years experience racing extreme enduro all over the world, working with the best crew and mechanics we know what is takes to for you to optimize your race experience. We are a small operation but know what counts when it comes to extreme enduro, and not one setup suits each rider. So we take the time to work out what is best for your riding style and skill level. We strive for quality not quantity and in doing so have many returning customers.

All our rental bikes are Ready to Race! Used bikes are maintained with only oem KTM parts to keep them running at 100% we can guarantee you that!

RENTAL BIKES RBR21 :                                                        IMG_3848RVV_1

  • 2021 KTM 300 TPI EXC 
  • Brand new bike (0 hours) 19/20
  • RedBull Romaniacs rental price : 2750 euro
  • 2021 KTM 250 exc-f freeride 
  • Brand new bike (0 hours)
  • Redbull Romanics rental price: 2750 euro
  • 2021 KTM 350 exc-f
  • Brand new bike (0 hours)
  • Redbull Romanics rental price:  2750 euro
  •  2017 KTM 300 EXC Carby.
  • Used bike in top condition
  • RedBull Romaniacs rental price: 1900 euro
  • 2017 KTM 350 EXC 
  • used bike in top condition
  • RedBull Romanics price: 1750 euro

All our bikes are set up for extreme enduro and include the following parts20180703_165415

  • Front mousse , Rear mousse (1 set)
  • New enduro tyres
  • Hand Handguards alloy wrap around or flags
  • Skid plate with pipe protector for 2t
  • original fan
  • aluminum radiator guards
  • front and rear grab straps
  • Events we have previously attended over the last 10 years
  • ERZBERG – Austria
  • Red Bull ROMANIACS – Romania
  • Six Days Crazy JOB – Bulgaria
  • Sea 2 Sky – Turkey
  • Red bull 111 megawatt – Poland
  • Roof of Africa- Lesotho
  • Wildwood – Australia
  • Nutbuster – New zealand
  • Baja 1000 – Mexico
  • Rev Limiter – U.S.A
  • 20190110_232507

We know what your need to optimise your race exprice from our years of experience to see the finish line. contact us today with any questions.

We can also arrange a service package to go with your rental bike for 750 euro

Service package includes:

  • Bike wash at the end of each race the day and preparing it for the next day
  • Repairs that need to be done on the bike starting with the day before the prologue, on the race days, at the service points ( change mousses, tires, oil, plastics, chain kits, levers, shifters, radiators, handlebars,etc.)
  • Bike service at the service point during the day with service van which has spare parts/ bike
  • Foods, fruits and energy drinks water etc at the service points
  • Tyres and mousse fitting included no additional charge.
  • Before the event we can offer pre-riding and gps training.
  • We can also provide transport (bike and rider) to the starting place of each racing day that starts outside of Sibiu. Sometimes the starting area is up to 50 km away from the Paddock. At no additional charge.

or you can choose from one of the many reputable service crews below

Top Cross TCS Racing Team-Servicing

Dual Motors-Motorcycle Servicing/Transport

Härtl-Motorcyle transport/Servicing

Additional Mousses and tyres can be ordered before the race

Mitas rear EF-07 single green 65 euro ea.

Mitas rear EF-07 double green 70 euro ea.

Mitas front tyres 55 euro ea

Extreme mousse rear super soft 120 euro ea.

Extreme mousse rear normal 120 euro ea.

Extreme mousse front normal 120 euro ea.

Payment terms are as follows:

50% deposit before February 28th

Balance Before May 1st.

500 euro damage deposit to be paid on arrival at event location in cash. Which is fully refundable if no major damage is found. Scratches are fine but broken plastics, headlights, leavers, etc and other damages to the bike charged separately to your account.

For further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.

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